If we can collect enough signatures from all across BC then we can have a referendum in September 2014 on decriminalizing cannabis in our province.

We will need to collect signatures from 10% of the registered voters in every single one of BC’s 85 electoral districts. Also, all signatures must be gathered in a 90 day period.

We will be starting that 90-day clock in September 2013.

Over the coming months we will be pre-registering our supporters and volunteers, so that we have a big head start when we begin the official signature gathering campaign.

If we get enough signatures during Sept-Nov 2013, then there will be a historic referendum vote in September 2014, to pass the Sensible Policing Act into law.

BC’s referendum law

BC’s referendum system has fixed election dates, and the next one is set for September 2014. Any ballot initiative that has collected enough signatures by early 2014 will be put to a provincial vote that September.

It isn’t easy to get enough signatures. We need at least 10% of registered voters in every single one of BC’s 85 ridings to sign in support, that’s over 400,000 people! Plus, we will have only 90 days to collect them.

However, with some hard work and careful planning, it can be done.

We are not going to be collecting the official signatures until September-November 2013. But we are asking you to please register and volunteer now in support of our campaign, so that we can easily collect your signature when the time comes.

Register and volunteer now!

We will only succeed with thousands of volunteers from all across the province working to sign up and register their friends in support of this campaign.

If you want to see cannabis possession decriminalized in British Columbia, then please register now. Then get your friends to register too and get them to sign up all their friends.

We promise not to share any info with anyone. And we won’t bug you with any calls. We’ll only send you emails if you ask us too. Otherwise the only time we’ll try to contact you again is when we need you to sign our ballot initiative between August and October 2013.

Make sure you’re registered to vote!

You must be a registered voter to officially sign the ballot initiative petition next year. If you have voted before then you’re already registered. Anyone who hasn’t voted before can easily register to vote online.

Find out what else you can do to help the Sensible BC campaign!


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