Watch the first Public Forum on Cannabis

The first Sensible BC Public Forum on Cannabis was very well attended and a big success. About 500 guests came out on September 24, to hear an excellent line-up of speakers and find out more about how and why we need to change the cannabis laws in our province.


#1 – Philippe Lucas & Dana Larsen Opening Remarks

#2 – Dr. Evan Wood, Director of Stop the Violence

#3 – Kirk Tousaw, Lawyer and Director of Beyond Prohibition

#4 – John Ranns, Mayor of Metchosin

#5 – Nicholas Simons, NDP MLA (Powell River – Sunshine Coast)

#6 – David Bratzer, President of LEAP Canada *

* David Bratzer participated in the forum while off-duty and the views he expressed were strictly his personal views.


#7 – Dana Larsen, concluding comments

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