Where to sign the petition

Check the map below or enter your city name into the search box in the the map. (We’re adding new locations regularly, so check back often!) You must sign in person, unfortunately you are not able to sign online.

Changes, additions, corrections? Email sensible.map@gmail.com

Red points are sign up stations, green are organizers, and yellow are individual canvassers. Sign-up stations are run by volunteers and may not always be active. Be sure to contact your local organizer before making any long journeys.

If there’s no local listing on the map, contact your local organizer.

For your signature to count, you must sign the petition in person by the end of November.  You must go to a sign-up station and cannot sign up online.  Yes, we know this makes it difficult!

The BC Government requires a huge amount of work by citizens to make changes to our laws. Because the requirements are so challenging, we need all of our supporters to get involved — that means you! With less than a month left, it is urgent that you sign as soon as possible.

We need over 400,000 people like you to be certain that we get the number of signatures we need in every electoral district in BC. Together we can decriminalize marijuana so we can save money and police resources, and make our province safer, and join the global movement of marijuana policy reform.

Register as a canvasser

Help us collect signatures!  We have a huge amount of support in British Columbia, people like you WANT to sign this petition – all you need to do is be available to collect the signature.  Our biggest challenge is not having enough volunteers to collect the signatures and send them in to the office. This is where we need you – even small numbers count.  Collect a few from friends, set a goal, or join a team in your area and go for it! It’s fun, you meet new friends in your community and you get to know that you are helping be a part of an important global movement of change. Here is your chance!


Look out for the CannaBus!


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