Welcome to the Sensible BC campaign to end marijuana prohibition!


SENSIBLE BC started with a signature-gathering campaign last fall, aiming for a BC referendum to stop marijuana arrests.

Over 4000 volunteers worked together to collect 202,085 signatures in 90 days. While not enough to trigger a referendum, our team of volunteers and community leaders has stayed together.

Legalization is closer than ever, but we still have a lot of work to do!

SENSIBLE BC remains a hive of activity. We've been putting on community training sessions, public rallies and days of action to keep pushing this issue forward.

Please join us in our campaign to end marijuana prohibition.

Sensible BC in the news

Sensible BC hosting first-ever workshop on how to be a marijuana campaigner The Province, October 2, 2014 Dana Larsen has been advocating for marijuana and drug policy reform for all of his adult life, and he believes Canada now is closer than ever to legalizing marijuana.

Activist sends pot to B.C. premier, says drug could help pay teachers CTV News, September 12, 2014 The solution to B.C.’s months-long teachers’ dispute is just a few puffs away, according to a pot activist who made his point by mailing marijuana to the premier this week.

Christy Clark, your Purple Kush marijuana is in the mail Straight, September 11, 2014 Could ending the months-long B.C. teachers' strike be as simple as Christy Clark, Peter Fassbender, and Jim Iker hot boxing it in the premier's minivan?

Marijuana activist Dana Larsen said today (September 11) that he has sent the premier some weed in the mail.

Tell Christy Clark to stop arresting marijuana users!

Cannabis possession charges have doubled in BC! Tell BC's Premier to stop wasting taxpayer money paying the RCMP to bust pot smokers.

2,780 signatures

Stop marijuana arrests in BC!


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