Welcome to the Sensible BC campaign to end marijuana prohibition!


SENSIBLE BC started with a signature-gathering campaign last fall, aiming for a BC referendum to stop marijuana arrests.

Over 4000 volunteers worked together to collect 202,085 signatures in 90 days. While not enough to trigger a referendum, our team of volunteers and community leaders has stayed together.

Legalization is closer than ever, but we still have a lot of work to do!

SENSIBLE BC remains a hive of activity. We've been putting on community training sessions, public rallies and days of action to keep pushing this issue forward.

Please join us in our campaign to end marijuana prohibition.

Sensible BC in the news

‘I’ve come home to a tremendous opportunity,’ Prince of Pot Marc Emery tells crowd at Vancouver’s Victory Square
The Province, August 18, 2014
The Prince of Pot returned Sunday to the place where his marijuana crusade began and told supporters his time in prison in the United States has only given him more motivation to finally get pot legalized in Canada...

The Politics of Pot
BC Local News, August 8th
Despite coming up well short of the required 400,000 signatures during last year’s efforts to force a referendum on the decriminalization of marijuana, Sensible BC is in no way giving up...

Nearly 75,000 Canadians were busted for marijuana offences in 2013
Georgia Straight, July 30
Dana Larsen, campaign coordinator for Sensible BC, argued that a simple possession charge has become a more serious punishment than it once was....

Latest news from Team Sensible BC

Tell Christy Clark to stop arresting marijuana users!

Cannabis possession charges have doubled in BC! Tell BC's Premier to stop wasting taxpayer money paying the RCMP to bust pot smokers.

2,717 signatures

Stop marijuana arrests in BC!


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